Corporate Information

The functions of SILA

SILA operates 3 distinct functions:

Training Consultancy Fundraising
A major focus of SIL Australia is the provision of training. Through its consulting and funding activities, SIL Australia also supports local language communities through non-accredited training programs in various language development activities. Members of SILA are available to serve as consultants to translation and literacy projects, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Recent projects to benefit from consultant services have been located in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and West Timor. SILA consultants have also assisted various migrant communities within Australia in their translation and literacy efforts. SIL Australia is an Income Tax Exempt Charity operating as a company limited by guarantee. SILA operates three tax-deductible funds with ATO Deductible Gift Recipient status. There are also other opportunities for giving to support training and language development activities both here in Australia and overseas. Read more about opportunities for giving on our Donate page. Read more…

Our Vision

To see minority language communities worldwide enabled and encouraged in sustainable language development through research, translation and literacy.

Our Mission

SIL Australia exists to deliver effective training and consulting for sustainable language development in minority language communities.

Our Goals

Goal A: Effective training in sustainable language development is provided
Goal B: Specialised consulting in sustainable language development is provided
Goal C: Support for language development in minority language communities is provided