Training Options

SIL Australia offers a variety of training options for anyone who is intending to work cross-culturally. Our foundational Launch course is a non-accredited course designed for those who are not necessarily language specialists, as well as being a foundation for accredited study at Eastern College Australia for those intending to make a career in language-related areas.

Many of the units we deliver are available online, please read our unit descriptions page for more information.

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Summer Semester

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If you need to learn another language or plan to work cross-culturally, Launch will provide you with the skills and confidence to do so. This course will help you:

  • gain insight into the nature of language and language study
  • learn to make the sounds of many languages
  • discover a variety of language learning techniques and activities
  • begin to appreciate the amazing complexity of human cultures.

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Undergraduate Study

These studies aim to equip people to assist a language project team in communities whose language may be unwritten. After completing the introductory units in a summer semester and Semester 1, students typically choose to specialise in translation and linguistics or literacy education in Semester 2.
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Graduate Study

The applied linguistics focus aims to equip people to be involved in language planning and development project teams working with the lesser-known languages of the world, many of which are unwritten.
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