Graduate Study

We deliver Australian College of Theology (ACT) accredited units in the Graduate Diploma of Divinity (CRICOS Code: 054685G) through our partner Melbourne School of Theology (MST), an affiliated college of ACT (CRICOS Provider code: 02650E).
Our applied linguistics focus aims to equip people to be involved in language planning and development project teams working with the lesser-known languages of the world, many of which are unwritten. Because language planning and development work is complex and requires good understanding, skills and abilities across multiple disciplines the course includes units in phonetics and language learning, phonological and grammatical analysis, sociolinguistics, translation, semantics literacy and training.
After completing the introductory subjects in a summer semester and Semester 1 students typically choose to specialise in translation and linguistics or literacy education in Semester 2. Because graduates are expected to be involved in training others as a member of a team, training in language development contexts is an emphasis of the course.
The course comprises a minimum of eight units.
Read more about course structure here.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for entry into the Graduate Diploma course you must meet MST’s entry requirements which include:

  • A Bachelor Degree
  • International English Language Testing Service of 7.0 overall with 7.0 in reading and writing and 6.5 in listening and speaking for Non English Speaking Background students.


Enrolment in the ACT is through Melbourne School of Theology. Click on our Apply Now button to apply.

Credit Transfer

MST may give advanced standing (credit transfer or recognition of prior learning) for units in this course. For more information click here.

SILA partnering with MST, an affiliated college of the ACT (CRICOS Provider code: 02650E)