Meet the team at SILA

Derryn Jones

IT Manager

Heads the IT team, has a slight addiction to technology, enjoys helping people with technology issues and also enjoys creating...
John and Ros Waterman

Library Assistants

We are retired Primary School teachers and now enjoy and find fulfilment in getting to know and encourage staff and...
Christine Brodie

Literacy and Education Advisor
Lecturer: Literacy

Having come from a teaching background in Australia, I’m enjoying the opportunity to support education in cross-cultural contexts, be it...
David Nicholls

Lecturer: Training for Transformational Development,
Language Program Management, Leadership

Has worked in PNG, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, USA and Australia; enjoys translation studies, leadership, theology and training; currently serving in...
Lyn Starbuck

Finance Manager

‘The buck does not stop here. It starts here and goes elsewhere!’ (I Haywood 2018, pers.comm.,16 October). I joined Wycliffe...
Raewyn Brook

TESOL Support

A fascination with language, culture and education initially led me to teaching primary aged students at an international school in...
Graham (and Ellie) Scott

Principal Executive Officer
Lecturer: Sociolinguistics, Training for Transformational Development, Language Program Management, Cultural Anthropology

Caffeine-based life-form; married to Ellie; delights in language and linguistics; has a colourful employment record, including work in an engineering...
Roslyn Manson

Spiritual Formation & Spiritual Life

Our spiritual formation, and our spiritual life individually and in community, is the focus of my work. This focus is...
Ken Manson

Lecturer: Grammar, Lexicography, Language Data Management

Loves linguistics, and a good grammar! Previously based in Thailand, Ken was involved in Bible translation & language development, and...
Wendy Nicholls

Academic Administrator
Corporate Secretary

Originally from New Zealand; loves language and linguistics and being able to apply those in Bible translation; had various roles...
Bruce Symons

Lecturer: Phonology, Semantics and Discourse

With Carol, from New Zealand, father of Andrew and Emma, been at SILA for ever, loves helping people learn about...
Sharna Steinert

Communications Officer
Lecturer: Language Learning

With a life long interest in languages and stories, Sharna enjoys connecting people to the work of Bible translation, language...
Philip Swan

Lecturer: Phonetics, Phonology
Translation consultant-in-training

As a kid, Philip practised funny voices in front of the mirror. He worked for ten years as a professional...
Guinevere Swan

Translation consultant

After ten years in Papua, Indonesia, Guinevere calls Melbourne home for now. She works as a translation advisor with the...
Timothy Lewis

Scholar in Residence

Exegesis geek. Author of The Poetics of Matthew 1: The Five Mothers and Other Patterns. Passionate about Matthew. Committed to...
Jack Hibbard

Operations Manager
Flourishing Communities Project
Lecturer: Language Learning

Ever since I can remember, the beauty and complexity of language has impressed me. I enjoy different writing systems, different...
Stephen Emerton

Lecturer: Language Awareness, Principles and Practices of Translation, Structure of Languages

Fascinated by other cultures with interests in grammar and translation. Translation Advisor for a language development project in Papua New...