Course Structure

The Graduate Diploma requires the completion of 8 units.

The unit Linguistics and Language Learning is taught at SILA’s Launch course (January – mid-February) and it, or its equivalent, is a prerequisite for many of the Graduate Diploma units.

The following table shows the teaching period in which the subjects are typically offered.

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Summer Semester

Linguistics and Language Learning

Semester 1

Introduction to Sociolinguistics for Cross-Cultural Ministry (Online)
Structure of Languages
Introduction to Literacy and Scripture Use (Online)
Introduction to Phonology & Alphabet Design
Scripture Engagement and Culture (Online)

Semester 2

Language Data Management
Principles and Practices of Bible Translation (Online)
Semantics and Discourse: Meaning in Communication
Training for Transformational Development (Intensive)
Literacy Materials (Online)
Literacy Education in Minority Language Contexts (Online)

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