Diaspora communities are often hurting from trauma, separated from family and homeland, and they struggle to find ways to provide for themselves. Life is hard, and there are very few friends and good neighbours on the journey. Language development and literacy promotion mean greater access to resources for healing, employment, education, and relationship formation, as well as helping learn English.  

When we meet with communities our goal is to develop good relationships. We want to understand the hopes and challenges of each community. One question that we have heard over and over again from communities is: how can we preserve our identity, language, and culture?

Our prayer is that we would be a good neighbour and friend to diaspora communities here in our city. We trust that God will use this project to inspire us by his love to walk with diaspora communities in our local context for his good purposes.

Your financial contribution will contribute to the cost of running activities with community partners and allow the project to pay staff for time dedicated to this work.

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