Our distinct approach

We partner with diaspora communities to help them flourish in and through their languages. As we do this, we are committed to:

  • Love for the foreigner—we value diversity; we are committed to honouring the dignity of the identity and culture of peoples.
  • The centrality of relationships and friendships: “Jesus showed us in his life and ministry, healing and transformation flow out of relationship—not the delivery of service”. (Craig Greenfield)
  • Hospitality—like the first Christians, we seek to embody God’s generous acceptance of all who come into our communities and lives.
  • Our mutual journey of transformation – we are partners rather than “experts” in this journey.
  • A process of justice and love that aims for hope, reconciliation, healing and transformation between communities.
  • A priority on minorities and those on the margins
  • Encouraging the capacity and gifts of others, seeking to work with them, not for them.
  • A preference for partnership.
  • Being a catalyst to: “to break down boundaries and walls between different groups and cultures that have the potential to lead towards enmity. They include ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, and political affiliation.” (The refugee and the body of Christ, Lausanne)
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Meet the team behind the project

Our amazing team are committed to connecting, listening to and working with your community.

Meet the team
Orrin recently spoke on live radio to Andrew McLennan on Vision Radio's 20Twenty program. Hear about the project on live radio, click below to hear his take on FCP and its role in the wider community.

Our Team

Orrin Hurlbutt

Diaspora Connector

Orrin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts he specialised in sociolinguistics, language development, and human security. He’s recently begun working in our new Brisbane branch of the Flourishing Communities Project. He’s excited about empowering individuals to sustain their language identity.

Graham Scott

Project Facilitator

Graham is passionate about the potential for communities' ability to make decisions and enact change about the things they value the most. Graham has worked alongside communities in Indonesia and Australia as they wrestle with matters of language and identity.

Jack Hibbard

Project Facilitator

Jack loves the diversity of languages and cultures here in Melbourne and around the world. He has experience learning from and working with communities in Australia, Asia and North Africa. Jack longs to see people flourish as individuals, families and communities in this land.

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