Children (1)

Can we bring our children and what services are provided for them?

Children of students are welcomed. During the Launch course a child minding service is usually offered. Depending on the number of children there may be a separate service for younger and older children. During the year there is a very good local primary school (Kangaroo Ground Primary School) and a preschool (Kangaroo Ground Pre-school).

Distance Education (1)

Which subjects are offered by distance?

Currently, we have four subjects offered by distance. These are: Sociolinguistics, Introduction to Literacy and Scripture Use, Literacy Education in Minority Language Contexts, Literacy Materials and Principles and Practices of Bible Translation. These subjects do have some of the Launch subjects as prerequisites.

ESL (1)

Do your courses prepare people for ESL Teaching?

Our courses are not designed to train people to become ESL teachers or provide a ESL teaching certificate. However, many of the subjects we teach, especially during the Launch course, would greatly help an aspiring ESL teacher.

Further Study (1)

After completing a Graduate Diploma how can I continue my study at Masters level?

SILA now offers a one-year Master of Arts (Ministry) program through our partner Melbourne School of Theology (MST), an affiliated college of Australian College of Theology.
The course not only offers an advanced qualification in Applied Linguistics in a sympathetic Christian setting, but serves to apprentice the applicant in the skills required to become a published researcher-practitioner in language development or related missiological fields. Click here to learn more.

Alternatively, students wanting to go on to Masters study have undertaken the following courses of study:

  • La Trobe University’s research Masters program
  • Monash University’s course work Masters program
  • University of New England’s distance education Masters program
  • PAYAP University’s Masters Program (Thailand)

Launch (formerly Summer School) (1)

Where has Summer School gone?

In July 2016 Summer School was renamed Launch. Nothing about the course has changed and it will still be run during summer. For more information about Launch, please visit the Launch page.