Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer

If you have already completed studies in the same subjects or subject areas, or if you have life experience or work experience and have gained relevant knowledge and skills related to our courses of study, you may qualify for credit for or exemption from some subjects or parts of subjects.
Credit transfer and RPL requests will be processed through the ACT. You will need to provide documentary evidence such as academic transcripts and certificates of attainment, course syllabi or course outlines, a CV, job descriptions, references from your employer, material you have prepared or assessments of your contribution at work, etc.

Transfer Credit (TC)

MST and the ACT make provision for students who have undertaken relevant studies at other recognised tertiary institutions (i.e. Australian Universities, TAFEs or Private Providers of accredited courses) to receive appropriate recognition for these studies in undergraduate and graduate programs. The study must have been completed no more than ten years previously.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning allows for credit to be applied to coursework based on prior learning from:
Formal or non-formal courses/workshops offered by a professional body, enterprise or private educational institution that is not an Australian University, TAFE or Private Provider of accredited courses and informal contexts such as work experience or life experience. (from MST Academic Guidelines)