2020 MA Intensive

Together, we will engage with people from other cultures through their writings and words and learn how anthropology helps us see life from their point of view.
We will learn about issues they navigate every day such as kinship, values, leadership, development, and more. By designing and conducting ethnographic fieldwork, you will explore how ethnography can make you more effective in cross-cultural ministry.

The Gospel, Cultural Anthropology and Ethnographic Methods

Unit description

This unit serves to provide up-to-date, specialised knowledge and understanding of the core frameworks of cultural anthropology, its place in practical theological reflection and the methods by which cultural data may be collected, sifted and interpreted for the sake of cross-cultural ministry effectiveness. Topics include: the dimensions and scope of cultural anthropology as a missiological discipline, how an anthropological lens may be employed as a grid to interpret ministry situations and practices, the notion of worldview and its implication for the communication of the gospel and Christian mission. A range of approaches to ethnographic data collection and analysis and the ethical and emancipatory dimensions of ethnographic research are explored.

Study options:

This Master’s unit is available online for credit (for eligible students) or for audit. It will be taught as an intensive, with coursework following for students taking the course for credit.

If you are interested in taking this unit for credit please contact the academic administrator here.


Dr David Troolin


6-10 July 2020


A$300 audit, SIL or partner organisation member
A$600 audit, others.
A$2400 for credit.

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