Undergraduate Study

These studies aim to equip people to assist a language project team in communities whose language is unwritten. Because language planning and development work is complex and requires good understanding, skills and abilities across multiple disciplines the course includes subjects such as phonological and grammatical analysis, sociolinguistics, translation, semantics and literacy. After completing the introductory units in a summer semester and Semester 1, students typically choose to specialise in translation and linguistics or literacy education in Semester 2. Because graduates are expected to be involved in training others as a member of a team the aspect of training is also an emphasis of the course.

The unit Linguistics and Language Learning is taught at SILA’s Launch course (January – mid-February) and it or its equivalent is a prerequisite for many of the undergraduate units.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for entry into a course at undergraduate level you must have:

  • Year 12 with ATAR of at least 65.
  • Mature age entry for students over 21 years.
  • International English Language Testing Service of 6.5 overall with 6.5 in each subtest for Non English Speaking Background students.


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