Launch brochure: If you are going to work cross-culturally, you need this course
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If you need to learn another language or plan to work cross-culturally, Launch will provide you with the skills and confidence to do so. This course will help you:

  • gain insight into the nature of language and language study
  • learn to make the sounds of many languages
  • discover a variety of language learning techniques and activities
  • begin to appreciate the amazing complexity of human cultures.

This six-week intensive course is held in January and February each year. The course consists of the following four subjects:
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  • Cultural Anthropology

    aims to build helpful frameworks for understanding the cultures and worldviews of others and to engage with and apply these understandings to interactions in cross-cultural contexts. These understandings inform further studies in other aspects of language development work and facilitate respectful attitudes and relationship development in cross-cultural settings.

  • Language Awareness

    analyses and identifies components of languages at an initial level to help those involved in language learning and in preliminary grammatical analysis.

  • Language Learning

    explores a range of language learning strategies and techniques that may be useful in learning to speak another language regardless of whether or not the language is well documented.

  • Phonetics

    introduces articulatory phonetics and gives practice in distinguishing, producing and writing sounds in other languages using the International Phonetic Alphabet.

You can study the four subjects in this course as a non-accredited short course and we will issue you with an SILA certificate.

Please contact us for more information on accredited options.

Part time/single subject students please contact us for costs.
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Self-catered onsite accommodation is available during Launch. For more information see the Accommodation page.

Course Dates
Please see course dates for scheduling of the next Launch course.

A children’s program is available during this course. Please contact us for details.

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